Sarah Brown

Yoga is life. It is about moving, breathing, stillness and mindfulness. I started exploring yoga years ago, because I wanted to get healthier. I discovered that there is so much more to yoga, than the poses and the sequences. I learned that it is really a lifelong way of living. It is a way to keep yourself grounded, while growing at the same time.

I completed my 200 YTT in March 2019 with Evolution Yoga STL, with Stacy Berry. The program taught me a very foundation of the practice yoga, as wells the way to lead students through the sequences and poses. Since completing my teacher training, I have been passionate about introducing yoga to children an families, as well as working with groups that are not often offered yoga in their community.

In my classes, we will explore the many benefits of yoga and philosophy, in a fun and creative way. I am excited to bring my knowledge to all my students on a daily basis and look forward to building lasting relationships with all my students.

Over my yoga journey, I have developed a deep passion for bringing yoga and children together. It is very important to me to bring the practice and philosophy of yoga to children, in a very fun and creative way. Yoga teaches so many lifelong skills that I love to share it with the next generation of yogis as often as possible. Children and families are my passion. I love to see families become stronger and children become leaders.