Trauma-Sensitive Healing Yoga

Trauma-sensitive healing yoga is a form of yoga as therapy with a focus on the mind-body connection to help survivors calm their minds, regulate their physical responses, and recognize and modulate their emotions.

This class provides an opportunity for survivors to become reacquainted with, and reclaim their bodies, helping them to become grounded in the present moment. It will allow them to explore the benefits of mindfulness by learning flow breath-to-movement in a guided trauma-informed practice which includes meditation. Classes focus on intentional themes, including various chakras and restorative postures, and most importantly facilitates healing off of the yoga mat. These hour-long classes are coupled with guided activities including debriefing exercises, journaling, drumming, and art therapy. Each class will explore the deeper meaning behind strength and pain, and allow survivors to build community in a safe, supported, and peaceful environment. This class is open to those 18 and older. No prior yoga experience is required.

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